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Persona/Anima Productions LLC is an independent digital media, film, and video production company that holds superb storytelling and ideas at the core of the projects that we produce. One of the central objectives of Persona/Anima Prods. LLC is to create moving images that humanize the marginalized. 

Manuel Huerta, Founder

My main love and passion is in telling stories that matter and effect change through film, video, and digital media. What makes me unique as a filmmaker and producer is that I also have several years of experience effectively leading and directing grassroots, community-based advocacy efforts with diverse populations and telling their unique stories. Harnessing my varied skill set as a seasoned producer and director, I work with clients, companies, organizations, and diverse communities to tell powerful, often ignored stories that ultimately effect measurable and equitable positive change. Whether past projects have required an artistic or a multimedia director, I have always had success working in a collaborative manner, fusing the best ideas for any given project.

Trained at the prestigious UCLA Film, Television, and Digital Media program and at Columbia University, my career spans a diverse array of projects that have garnered myriad awards and recognition. 

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